ESS Introducecs Crossbow 2x Eyeshields

October 9, 2009  |  ESS UPDATES
ESS Introducecs Crossbow 2x Eyeshields

Represents Next Generation of Ballistic Eye Pro

October 9, 2009 -- Sun Valley, ID USA
Eye Safety Systems, Inc. (ESS), today announced the introduction of its new ballistic eyeshield: the ESS Crossbow 2X™.  The Crossbow 2X™ is a revolutionary new ballistic spectacle that redefines functional eye protection for military and public safety professionals.  ESS is pleased to add another high-performance product to its broad offering just months before the company's twelfth anniversary.

The Crossbow 2X™ is a premium addition to ESS' product line, which includes the most widely-sold ballistic eyeshields worldwide: the ESS ICESeries.  The CrossbowSeries delivers an unparalleled list of functional benefits: advanced ClearZoneFlowCoat dual lens coatings that eliminate fog inside and prevent scratches outside, a DedBoltLens Lock system that keeps lenses easy to swap yet secure under impact, Tri-Tech Fit™ technology that achieves universal fit with maximum comfort and zero pressure points, and 2.4mm ballistic polycarbonate lenses that feature ESSOPTICS™ for distortion-free optical precision throughout the entire field of view.

"ESS has re-invented the eyeshield, and the performance of the Crossbow is extraordinary, most notably its amazing comfort and the fact the lenses just won't fog," said Brian Ross, ESS Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing.  "The Crossbow is broadly universal in its fit, and it is the first ballistic eyeshield in the industry to feature an anti-fog lens coating.  The best way to experience the many benefits of the Crossbow is to simply try it on and see for yourself." 

The Crossbow 2X™ model is configured for the US retail market.  It includes two fully-assembled eyeshields with Clear and Smoke Gray lenses.  The Crossbow 2X™ is now available for purchase from select ESS dealers and online at  Military issue-kit versions of the CrossbowSeries are currently being evaluated by both the U.S. Army and Marine Corps.  The Crossbow 3LS™, a three-lens configuration that includes a Hi-Def Yellow lens, will be available to international markets on November 17th of this year.

For users with prescription eyewear needs, ESS currently offers two Rx insert options for the Crossbow™: the nylon-framed P-2B™ Rx Insert, which also fits inside ESS ProfileSeries goggles, and the wire-framed Vice™ Rx Insert, which fits inside ESS AdvancerSeries goggles.  Both of these inserts are also compatible with ESS ICE™ and ICE NARO™ eyeshields.

The ESS Crossbow™ eyeshield is compliant with US Federal OSHA, ANSI Z87.1+, US MIL SPEC MIL-PRF-31013, and CE EN 166.  All Crossbow™ lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection.

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"Dear ESS, On deployment in 2012, my vehicle was struck with an IED while performing route clearance in Afghanistan. The IED flipped my vehicle, knocking me unconscious and launching my rifle into my face. My cheek, nose, and eye socket were shattered from the impact, but my eye was saved from the ESS Crossbow I was wearing. When I put a pair of Crossbows back on, you can clearly see where I would have lost my eye if I wasn't wearing them." SSG Pronzati